Wednesday, May 24, 2006

crane through the building

I thought it looked like the crane was going right through this building. It is really the reflection of a crane atop the building across the street. Lately, I've been taking so many pictures of cranes that my daughter commented, "You must love cranes!" I'm just always on the lookout for things I want to share here. Before I started posting daily photos I didn't stop in the middle of the sidewalk quite as often as I do now. But, you know what? I like walking around with my eyes wide open!


Blogger dawn said...

Before this completely loaded, I thought it was going to be a bird...and I laughed when it was this kind of crane! I'm such a dork, I swear!

9:24 PM  
Blogger Natalie said...

I know what you mean about walking around with your eyes wide open. Now that I've got my blog going, I'm always looking for good pictures.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Denton said...

I agree with your comments and Natalie's. It is sad what I missed "seeing" all these years before staring by DP blog.

PS: Really good reflection on yesterday's post.

9:19 AM  

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