Tuesday, April 04, 2006

frozen blossoms NW DC 2.12.06

I enjoy watching the various stages of growth in all living things. I'm constantly pointing out buds, and new growth on trees... (possibly to the annoyance of those around me) This particular tree chose to blossom early. I spotted it the Tuesday prior to taking this picture. The kids and I walked by it on the way home from ballet class, or the park. It was unseasonably warm (although it seems unseasonable describes all of DC's weather, at least as long as we've lived here) . This blossom bloomed early, only to find itself stuck in a 'blizzard' the following weekend.

>>Now for a little history >> In 1912, Japan, as a gesture of friendship, gifted the district 3000 of these flowering trees. The city is blessed with an explosion of blossoms every April, hopefully to coincide with the National Cherry Blossom festival. The Japanese culture in the district has a chance to bloom then as well.

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