Thursday, April 06, 2006

something I saw

One thing I really like about taking pictures, and something I have in the past taken for granted, is that when I snap a picture, I am preserving something that I see. Sometimes this same thing would go unnoticed by others. I like to wonder about what others see that I don't.

This picture was taken on a Thursday. The kids and I were on the way to the library to play some games with friends. We were walking, talking, commenting on the world arounds us. I stopped to take this shot... it was a tree on the corner of one of the many squares that I wish were better suited for basking in the sun on a beautiful day, but unfortunately ...more on that another day..

The point I was making was about photography, not the homeless in this nation's capital.

Today we walked by the tree from which this blossom sprang forth and there are no more blossoms on it. I captured something that is no longer there.

I like that feeling. It is almost like having a secret or a special memory. It makes me smile.

photo taken 3.28.06


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