Friday, January 05, 2007

little feet

This is from my daughter's ballet class.
This marks my first 'new blogger' post. I thought I'd start simple as these sort of new techno-thingamagings seem to have a way of making me crazy. Natalie assures me it's simple... we'll see! so far so good! =) I wanted to get back on the team to post some cute pictures of creatively dreassed individuals at I Dressed Myself!



Blogger luggi said...

Little feet and knobbly knees. My wife took ballet as a child and has benefited her entire life from the added grace it has given her.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Ame said...

JENNI!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!!!!! Sorry I havn't visited until now...UGH! First-of-the-New-Year Crazies! LOL! What a SWEEEEEEEEEET SHOT..reminds me of the ballet class my Mom TRIED to get me to participate in when I was THREE...was scared to DEATH to go out on that I wish she had FORCED me! LOL!

And doncha just LOVE LUSH products?I can't STAND it! LOL! And get this! I asked the sales gal if I could snap pix and she said, "Sure, go right ahead!" Then when I was checking out she came back with, "Sorry, I've been can't take pictures in here...sorry!" ROFL!

Like they could do anything with me and my digital Cybershot by THEN! WAY TO GO SONY! LOL! And you have the evidence in case they come haul me off to blogger jail! So tread carefully..but shoot away! HECK! We LOVE their products...why NOT let us advertise! GEEZ! Have a good one! Ame =)

5:34 PM  
Blogger jenni said...

=) Luggi ~ Good to hear that she might be gaining grace... that is always a nice thing to have! She might be stuck with the knobbly knees if genes have anything to do with it ;)

Ame =) That is hilarious that they'd decide you couldn't take pictures... You really did do a nice spread on them, but I suppose I can understand how they might worry about that sort of thing... thanks for the warning.. I'll have to be careful and sneaky! lol

12:06 PM  

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