Thursday, August 17, 2006

Segways, segways everywhere

We were walking around the monuments this weekend with some visiting from California. We thought this segway spotting was rather unusual! I see advertisements for segway tours all the time here in DC. I can't imagine actually taking one but that could be just me. I wouldn't think it would be comfortable to be standing still for so long. My legs need to move!
On the other hand, I do think this invention could be an alternative type of wheelchair.

I found segways mention in Vancouver,
San Antonio, another NON DP blog called
China Daily

On second thought, I wonder if this segway travel could be a good way to get around in cities... I believe these things are electric... I don't know what sort of environmental impact they have .. but there could be something to this technology.

Still.. in a crowd, I like to go where my feet can take me!


Blogger Kim said...

We took two bike tours while in Paris, and the bike guides also did Segway tours of Paris (conducted in English). I've heard from those who've done these tours that they are incredibly fun! I would like to try it, but I'm sure bicycling will remain my favorite way to see a city. (Wish we'd had bikes in DC instead of walk the whole city in the August humid heat. :-)

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